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Innogical ?

Innogical is a platform where students can explore all the technologies thats are currently running in the world. Generate the New idea and implement using technology to become an early age founder.


Why should you become an innotech learner ?

There are two types of people in the world. First one is user who use the things and second one are the creator who create the things. Innogical are committed to making a creator lifetime.

Awake your passion for technology

In innogical, We believe if you want to do extraordinary things then you have to be passionaite about the things.

Build up students mind that think the next level innovative ideas

We building up their minds to solve real world problems.

Early age founder

Founder has no age. If you have founder quality than start with school age.

Root Workshop

This is a 7 days Root Workshop. This Workshop contain touch of all technologies.

Computer & Internet

How to actually computer & Internet works

Web Development

Touch with web development

Programming & Coding

Intro algorithm, programming and coding

Think Innovative & Entrepreneurship

Think like Entreprenuer

App & Game Development

Understant the field of App & Game Development

Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security

Meet up Hack & Security

IOT (Internet Of Things) & Cloud Computing

The Future Computing

Our Mentor From

Tech Mentor


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