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Innogical provides an environment. Where students can learn about all of the current technologies in use around the world. To become an early age founder Students generating new ideas and develop it using technology and mentor support.

ATL Trainings

To foster and encourage technology, we have adopted Atal Tinkering Lab. We are providing offline trainings in ATL's Lab.

Idea Development

We concentrate on students who have a creative mind and ideas but do not live in a technologically advanced environment. For school students, we provide a fully technological environment. We offer students a variety of resources to help them develop their ideas.

Not Just coding!

In the field of 30 Tech, we provide training and support. Students can learn about drones, rockets, space, agriculture, AI and machine learning, high-speed trains, defence, 3D printing and among other technologies.

Government Schools

We have a similar focus on government schools. Students in government schools have tremendous potential, but they lack access to teachers and resources to learn about technology. We provide the same services, such as trainings, idea development, and mentor support to government schools at no cost.

Happy Atal Tinkering Lab

Tech Field

Expert Mentors

Active Innovative Students

Aware the students from technology

  • We provide awareness Session to students
  • Students understand importance of technology.
  • We help to uplift their mindset toward technology and help to seed the technology curiosity in their minds.

Explore 30 Tech fields

  • Begin by looking into the various technologies. We have over 30 different technical fields to introduce the students to.
  • After that students gain interest in many fields
  • Student choose one or two fields and start leraning about that fields.
  • We start basic training of students for criticle thinking and design thinking.

Start idea discussion and nurturing the mind of students

  • Students able to think innovative ideas and start discussion with other students. we are provide mentor to students to nurture their ideas.
  • We nurture their minds to think extraoridinary ideas.
  • we provide neccesaary technical training to students to convert idea into reality.

We start prototyping when any feasable idea comes out from students mind and launch as a product in the market

  • We start prototyping of idea and make a perfect product.
  • we present their idea with diffrents mentor panel and provide the mentor support from valued institutions.
  • We support students to build a startup on the basis of their product.

Innovation Clubs

We have many innovation Clubs for develop new technologies.

Drone Club

In this club students have lot of interest in drone. We are working drone technologies with students.


Students observe many problem of farmers. Students create products that assist farmers while also reducing their workload.


Students highly innovative for indian army. They are making combat fight rover,drones, portable anti tank system etc. for our army.


In daily life, we are facinga many problem in Transportation and its take too much time. Students discovering the better solution for easy Transportation.

EV (Electric Vehicle)

This is super excited club. In this club, students are working on EV's and hydrogen engine technology.

Space Technology

Students are highly motivated from ISRO, SpaceX and reusable rocket. We design reusable technology on small level and also working on HAPS technology.


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  • Atal Tinkering Lab
  • Government Schools
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Meet Our Young Innovators

Innovators has no age. It's all about the imagination.

Himanshu Verma & Nikhil Saini

Founder of ruffcopy.in

Taniya Singh

Robotics, IOT And Coding Enthusiastic


Agriculture Technology Enthusiastic

Deep Halder

Army tanks Enthusiastic

Yashraj Dhaiya

Game Development Enthusiastic


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